The Rain Season Comes to Hoi An


The rain season is approaching in Hoi An. During these past few weeks, I’ve been treated to extraordinary lightning and thunderstorms. Perhaps these storms are frequent here, and only remarkable to me. I’m not sure. When a gully washer arrives, I open the drapes, lay beneath the bed covers, and watch the flashes of light explode in my room.

My new home doesn’t offer as good a view of the lightening as my previous one did, but the view is adequate. Down the hall from my room is a skylight that makes a tinkling sound as the rain falls. 

When I was young, I sat for hours listening to the rain. Our porch had a fiberglass roof, and the storm created an echo chamber of meditative drum taps, not unlike the sunroof in my home now. I find the sound calming and soothing, not unlike a long walk through the country. 

Weeks ago, the morning skies were full of clouds. Now they arrive in the afternoons. After a bright summer, the clouds are a relief. Although I prefer photographing in the mornings, before I even eat breakfast, I’ve shifted to shooting later in the day when the clouds soften the light. 

Cliff’s Notes

Reading: The Guide by R.K. Narayan

Eating: My favorite French restaurant, whose previous offerings were a touch utilitarian, has revamped their menu. The food and presentation, especially for breakfast, is delightful. I’m still searching for a good lunch restaurant that nails Cau Loa and fried noodles, and I skip dinner to control my weight.

Music: Strauss’s tone poems, especially Metamorphosen, have grabbed my attention recently.