Self-Portrait, Hoi An, Viet Nam, 2019


The citizens of Hoi An often look at me and ask if I’m cold. True, it is winter here, and many of the locals are wearing jackets, but the 68-70 degree weather strikes me as being just about right. Indeed, I find it a welcome reprieve from the 100-degree weather of Sai Gon. 

I spoke with a woman from Mekong who had moved to Sai Gon four months earlier, and she kept repeating how hot it was in the city. Another warned me when learning of my travels, that it was cold in Hoi An. At the time Hoi An was between 80-90. 

We have a marvelous way of adapting, within reason, to the weather we find ourselves immersed in, though I am beginning to fear how I’ll fare in genuinely cooler climates. 

So I wear shorts, short sleeve shirts, shoes without socks, and relish the cool weather while I can...