An Bang Beach, Viet Nam


I went to the river with friends for lunch, and we sat in their back yard visiting, and watching the fishing boats pull up and down the water. Some were loud, some quiet, and the ones that interested me the most were small and didn’t have any visible motors. These were boats that were too big to be rowed, and too small to be used overnight. I later learned that they had compact V6s positioned near the center of the hull, and out of site from people like me viewing from the shore.

As we sat drinking tea, some travelers from France wandered along the river and into our area. Although it wasn’t an unusually warm day, they were drenched with sweat and complaining of the heat. Later I learned that they were headed to Saigon, and I had to warn them that it’s usually at least 10 degrees warmer there. Who knows if they went. 

On our way back to Hoi An proper we stopped by An Bang Beach, and I walked around. It was my first visit there, and only the second beach I’ve been to in Viet Nam. The other beach wasn’t interesting photographically, but this one was alive. Surfers and swimmers were out in the water, laughter came from the restaurants, round basket fishing boats rested on the sand with fishing tackle inside, and lounge chairs waited under grass roofs. 

I had just finished photographing some acrylic storage tanks full of invertebrates, who in the backlight looked quite menacing, and stepped onto the beach. The boats, the tower, the people stumbling out of the water - the composition was right there waiting for me. So I took this shot.