Sai Gon, 2018

Sai Gon, 2018

From my journal:

A typhoon is hitting Sai Gon, the 9th this year. The other districts are warned of possible flooding, especially at high tide. District 1 appears to be safe from the flooding, though I can’t be sure. Yesterday I bought water, tea, and potato chips just in case the electricity goes out. The potato chips may be unnecessary since I’m fasting today, but better safe than sorry.

I don’t know what to expect. While at Subic Bay I was in a typhoon or monsoon (I don’t recall which) and marveled at how the wind could bend the palms until their crowns touched the ground. I hope that the wind isn’t that severe in San Non. So far I note no wind, though the rain is falling and thunder sounds.

The facade from my favorite building has been removed. Is the building's face being redesigned, or were the tiles pulled down in anticipation of the storm?