Sai Gon


I enjoy getting lost in Sai Gon the most. Each morning I head out hoping to wander someplace that I haven’t been before, finding new photographs. And I believe that I’ll see a spot so foreign and remote that I need my GPS to return to my hotel. While I usually succeed at the former, I regularly fail at the latter. Somehow I subconsciously walk in circles, and before long I find myself near where I started, so I don’t need my GPS. But not always.

I came upon this image above in a park that I’d visited once before but in a different part. On my first visit, I stumbled upon the park while headed elsewhere. I took a few photographs, one memorable, and then headed onward. This time I was lost, stepped into the park in a different spot than previously and came upon this small shrine. The shrine’s height was perhaps ten feet tall at its highest point, and the area was filled with power. I slowly circled several times, closing my eyes and getting a feel before I began photographing. The shrine is small and intimate, yet far more powerful than many of the larger ones that I’ve visited. What a find.