Ho Chi Minh City

My favorite park in Saigon

My favorite park in Saigon

Ho Chi Minh City (known locally as Saigon) is different each time I step outside. I walk through a city park a block from my hotel nearly every morning as I leave to photograph. Within the park are people playing badminton, practicing martial arts, meditating, exercising on government supplied machines, and visiting, amongst innumerable other activities. The parks here are a gathering place for many people, which is why they continue to fascinate me, just as coffee houses do in America.

The buildings here are just as engaging as the parks. Some are uninhabited and being rehabbed, others appear new, and many fall between these two extremes. I’ve been told that Japan is investing in the city. It’s this visual diversity that has grabbed me so thoroughly and kept me here. I only expected to visit a few days, and instead I’ve been inspired to buy a camera, and remain a month.

Each morning as I walk through the park I look for ways to capture it, to memorialize the light, shapes, and experiences that I’ve grown to love here. On a morning with beautifully soft light, I took the image above, which shows one of my favorite buildings as well as the trees and bushes that I’ve grown to admire while here.

I’m not sure how much longer I’ll remain in Saigon, and I’m glad to have this image to remind me of my stay.

11/24/18 Update: As I walked through the park this morning I saw that most of the building’s facade has been removed. Is it being remodeled or changed? I don’t know, and I’m even more glad to have taken this image while the facade was in place.