Near Morongo Valley

A snapshot taken with my iPad.  

A snapshot taken with my iPad.  

John Sexton tells a story in an interview where he was riding with Brett Weston to Point Lobos to make photographs. All of a sudden Weston pulls the car over, jumps out, and starts photographing some detritus left out for garbage pick up. Sexton says that before that moment he thought that photography was going to start when they reached Point Lobos, and after that moment he learned to always be ready.

Sexton's story came to mind as I was traveling to Barstow to photograph their Vietnam Memorial. I choose a route that I hadn't taken before and ended up stop three times to make photographs, knowing that the delay might interfere with my images in Barstow. The second shoot in particular proved long.

Driving near Morongo Valley I came upon several mounds of rocks which had graffiti all over them. I drove several past them, decided that I had to make photographs, and returned. I pulled off the road, unpacked my Green Monster 8x10, and began making photographs. The texture from the rocks from the direct high sunlight added to the message of the graffiti. Had I returned another day it's likely these images wouldn't have been visible to me. I found example after example interesting, and it wasn't until an hour and a half later that I packed up to leave.

The lighting wasn't right when I arrived in Barstow, but the images I captured along the way there made the drive worth it.