Live A Great Story - The Salton Sea

A snapshot taken with my iPad

A snapshot taken with my iPad

Upon arriving at the Salton Sea you might think that the smell comes from the (probably) thousands of skeletons of fish that encircle the water. But with the passing of time you'll come to realize that the smell comes from everywhere, the skeletons, the earth, the plants - perhaps even from the train that passes by on seemingly regular intervals. That smell is just there, ALL THE TIME.

I arrived on my second visit to the Salton Sea late in the afternoon, and waded through the smell. The Friday afternoon drive east from the coast took longer than expected, and I decided to delay setting up my tent so that I could shoot with the hour of light that remained. As I drove south I came across a series of rocks that looked very interesting, but were too far for me to hike to in time. So I continued driving.

Then I came across a nearly deserted town, which is nothing unusual. At the Salton Sea it seems that all towns are nearly deserted; only the most committed people remain. Driving through I stumbled on what appeared to be a fantasy movie shoot, where a sorcerous was casting spells and freezing her enemies. The Salton landscape made the perfect setting, and they were wearing great costumes. 

A short ways from the film shoot I found an abandoned home carrying the sign "Live A Great Story." The house appeared to have been abandoned for years, was completely gutted, and had graffiti inside and out. Parts of the walls were missing in both the front and the back. I stopped and set up my Green Monster 8X10. By this time the sun was dropping behind the mountains, so I worked quickly. The colors became muted and rich. I made two different images and promised myself that I would return soon. As I was breaking my camera down, two golf carts from the movie set drove by to get beer. We nodded at each other, acknowledging our respective arts.

It was a pleasure to work under the umbrella of such creativity.