The Tulare Vietnam Memorial

A snapshot taken with my iPad.

A snapshot taken with my iPad.

The Tulare County Vietnam Memorial is one of my favorites. Located across from Mefford Field, I visit it at every opportunity. The memorial is one of the few memorials visible from a freeway (HWY 99), and is also one of the few regional memorials, memorializing Tulare County. As I drove past it last night I was pleased to see that the lights on the memorial's flagpoles worked, illuminating both the American and POW flags. It isn't common knowledge that the American flag is to be lit at night if it isn't brought in before sunset, and this is one of the few memorials that observes that tradition.

I arrived soon after sunrise to bask in the delicious morning light. Because the memorial isn't squarely north and south, I find that the light near sunset doesn't work photographically, but the morning light is fabulous. While setting up my camera I noticed a steady wind blowing, the first time I recall having that problem here. Although the flags wouldn't be in the photograph, the lines used to raise the flags would, and they were waving with the gusts.

After setting up the Green Monster 8X10, I selected a shutter speed that I expected would be fast enough to stop the blowing lines while also allowing for an aperture that would give me a sufficient depth of field to make the photograph successful, and released the shutter. Then I packed up my gear.

I couldn't let this gorgeous light go to waste so I drove to the Porterville memorial where I used my Rodenstock APO Ronar 480mm f9 lens for the first time. Everyone who has this lens raves about it, which is why I bought it, and it was the perfect focal length for Porterville.

I continue moving south, hopefully to photograph in less wind.