Along The Smith River

A snapshot taken with my iPhone

A snapshot taken with my iPhone


I first traveled beside the Smith River in Oregon while taking a poorly considered route to California.The route was poorly considered because I’d chosen the long way. And I mean the long way. But it let me see new landscape, including that along the beautiful Smith.

Because it’s in a fairly steep canyon, photographing along the Smith can be tough, since the light is hard to predict and it’s a long drive from where I live. I prefer the subtle glow of overcast light there, which draws out the geometry of the trees and adds a richness to their leaves. But beyond lighting one is challenge by road conditions and trying to find a place to pull over and safely take pictures. One drives in fits and starts along HWY 199, and finding a good place to safely pull over can be tough.

I’ve seen some pull over and hike down to the Smith’s banks, but I’ve always been afraid that with all my photo gear I might not make it back up. Still, as there are some remarkably gorgeous rocks on the banks, I’m trying to find a way to safely scurry down there. 

This snapshot was taken with my iPhone on my second photo visit to the Smith,  in the soft light that I prefer, and I exposed both 4X5 and 8X10 negatives while there. I’m looking forward to visiting again soon.