Half Moon Bay II

A snapshot taken with my iPad. 

A snapshot taken with my iPad. 

The weather was foggy and murky during my stay at Half Moon Bay, and I loved it. I'd found a beach with amazing rocks that were accessible only during low tide, and used enough film in one day that I had to call my film supplier to make sure that they had more on order. 

On my final day I made the mistake of booking a meeting in San Jose with the Silicon Valley traffic, rather than the tide, in mind, and nearly returned to the coast too late. 

The tide was rising so quickly once I got back that there was only one rock that I could photograph. Sometimes having too many options can be a detraction rather than a benefit. Without the tide to box me in I never would have considered this rock so carefully. Instead I would have moved down the beach line, exploring all the different choices. But now I explored the changes in texture, the dimples, cracks, the attached sea animals, and the pockets of water.

I took seven images, all within ten feet of each other, and each pleasantly different from the other. It was a satisfying ending to my first visit to Half Moon Bay, and I can't wait to return.