Near Dunnigan

A snapshot taken with my iPad 

A snapshot taken with my iPad 

The advantage of traveling throughout California over and over again is that, from time to time, I cross a path that I've already been on, but from a different angle. 

I was on I-5, enroute to Castle Crags State Park when I recognized this building to my right. I'd visited it several months earlier on my way to Willows (a town with some of the friendliest people I've met in CA) to photograph the Vietnam Memorial there, and shot several images of it then. 

But the building looked different when I stopped this time. The light was harsher, and as I walked around, this Charles Sheeler composition leapt out at me. A bird nearby kept screaming "Kakaw, kakaw" while I composed and recomposed the image on my ground glass, until all the elements balanced properly. I made two exposures. 

When I'd finished and packed away my 4x5 and accompanying gear and climbed into my car, I realized half an hour had passed without me even noticing.