Lake Oroville, CAL



I awoke at the Lake Oroville campgrounds expecting to take a day off from photography. The past few days had been busy in Grass Valley and Nevada City, and I wanted a day to relax, particularly because I was still adjusting to the heat. It wasn't long ago that I was walking through fog along the coast in a t-shirt, and I was finding the weather in the Sierra foothills stifling.

Then, as I was walking from the shower, I saw a pattern in the distance that interested me. I walked over, took a look, and grabbed my 4X5 camera without bothering to change out of my sweats or putting on socks (and worse, hoping that there were no snakes, since I was wearing tennis shoes instead of boots). 

As often happens, the photograph I think I want to take isn't the most interesting. Instead, it's an invitation to look around an area and find what's really beautiful that I would otherwise have overlooked. 

As I was walking along Lake Oroville I found this tree stump. It was gorgeous.