"Stop The Congress Created Dust Bowl"


Driving along I-5 through the San Joaquin Valley, one becomes acutely aware, perhaps more than anywhere else within the state of California, of how bad the drought has become. This, the Governor tells us, is the new norm.

Certainly there are hints elsewhere, particularly in the receding reservoirs that are 10, 20, 30, even 40 feet lower than normal, but that still feels abstract. In the San Joaquin Valley you see death. There are groves of fruit trees that have died for lack of water, left in the ground as a testament to the problems that California faces. Black skeletans that stare from the sde of the road. There are also empty fields, and rising unemployment in the farm industry.

The farmers have issued a call to action by posting signs along I-5 urging drivers to call congress (and to stop Pelosi and Boxer), and to end the "congress created dustbowl."

Conversely, when I was visiting Mono Lake the locals, who were also effected by the lack of precipitation, used a different tact, posting signs asking passersby to "Pray for Snow."

It's hard to know which approach will be more successful.