Along Highway 1



Driving along Highway 1 enroute to Van Damme State Park, I came across this home with nets, floats, masks, snorkels, etc., hanging from its roof. I glanced at its uniqueness (I've never seen anything like it), convinced myself that I was in too much of a hurry to stop and make a photograph, and drove on. A mile later I realized this was a once in a lifetime image and decided to return. 

My knock on the door was met with two dogs barking vigorously and ominously. Finally a gentleman opened it just enough to squeeze out, keep me safe from the dogs (to my relief), and gave me permission to take a photograph. 

He watched me from his living room window as I set up my 4X5 camera, and I'm sure he had been expecting me to take a quick snapshot with a handheld camera instead of the huge contraption I was using. Townspeople walked by and smiled or said hello to me as I set up. 

After capturing the image I broke down my gear and continued traveling north along 1, realizing I was in no hurry at all. I'll give him a copy of the print once I finish with it in the darkroom.